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Pain relief

Medistik is very effective in relieving my back and leg pain, I really like the choice of stick, roll on, and spray; they all work awesome for my pain. Thank you Medistik.

love this product

This is the only topical remedy that has ever helped my husband with his arthritic pain Can not tell you how pleased we are wqith this product

Medistik extra strength

The Medistik is so easy to use and works great! You can feel the heat penetrating right away. I will certainly be purchasing again!

The Business

This stuff is the business. The stick is amazing for back pain. The spray is great because I can get it on my scalp for migraine relief. If you're even vaguely considering, get any and all of this stuff. And it smells awesome!


The stick works very well compared to other brands Ive used from the pharmacy

Best topical pain relief I have tried.

I have a chronic illness with Chronic pain. This stick really helps. Have tried other topical lotions and never really found they helped. Somehow this stick does the trick. Will definitely repurchase.

Very happy with purchase!

First time trying the spray and I really like it. I use it mostly on my shoulders, wait a couple of minutes the use the roll on right on top of it, feels great. I use the stick mostly on my lower back, great product.

Medistick works

This product is great never tried anything that works like this really highly recommend it

Love love love it!!!!!

This product is amazing.

I was in a car accident and hurt my back and neck. Medistik has helped me get the relief I need without taking pain meds. It is better than Outback. This is my second purchase. Thank you so much.

Medistik system bundle

Love the product and it works!!

MEDISTIK's Long Lasting Extra Strength Stick

The long lasting extra strength stick is fantastic.

It really works.

I bought two sets. One for me, which is totally controlling my chronic back pain. The other was for my Mom, who has the same issues, but in the fine print, it says not to use if you are on anticoagulant meds, which she is. It would have been more helpful if this was advertised up front and not in the fine print,

The best!

Am ordering more Medistik today!
Might as well order up as nothing else
I've tried comes close. Love the product!


I am pleased with this purchase. I have recomended it and will purchase again

Amazing product

I'm so glad I found Medistik. It's been really instrumental in helping me recover and rehab my frozen shoulder. One of the main reasons I purchased the product without trying it first is that is a Canadian company and the product is manufactured in Canada. Also, I'm trying to use more topical remedies for pain management before taking an oral medication. I love, love, how it really is heating and cooling all in one.

I'm a Medistik user for life!

It works great on my lower back before golf.

Baton Medistick

Très bon produit mais ne pas faire livrer par Postes Canada. Cela se perd et prend un temps énorme à être livré. À du être livré par un autre livreur

Works Great

This works quickly and lasts for quite a while.

Experience with Medistik

Excellent product. Have demonstrated to many friends it’s great pain relief. Many have ordered the product. I will certainly be reordering.

Great. Product

I've tried this twice and it's been a relief in easing my pain in my hip


Can't live without this stuff, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.
I use this all day l9ng and no skin irritations just relieving effects.

Customer service is also excellent to deal with...

Very pleased with product

EZ Travel Bundle

Great product

I've used this medistick several times and it has helped me tremendously. My pain seems to be under control.i would recommend this to all who have pain