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MAX Pro Bundle
Dennis R.
Great Relief

I was skeptical at first, however upon using the product I was quite surprised at how fast it provided relief. Over the next few days of 2 applications per day I am feeling less painful and inflammation has decreased to a manageable level. I now apply it just before heading to bed to provide a much improved nights sleep. I strongly recommend this product. I am a believer now.

Love it!!!

I love this product!! I have one in my baseball bag, my workout bag and bedroom!! Never without it! Feels so good on the muscles and nice that you don’t get it on your hands!! Love the stick form! Thank you!!


This truly works for me. I have given a few of my friends these sticks and they love it too.

The Best There Is!

Tried all types of muscle/arthritic rubs. Nothing comes close to how well this product works! The best there is on the market!!

Better than anything I’ve tried…and I’ve tried them all.

I have had chronic pain for 25 years. Chronic dislocator and eventually a shoulder fusion. As such my back has always been a problem. Medistik has given my back relief more than any product I’ve tried…and I’ve tried them all.

Love it

Had twisted my neck and my boss gave me a stick. Wow, works amazingly and well I love the smell. I still use it for everyday pain. Just don't touch the spot you applied it too and rub your eyes. Lol

I have the rool on and love it, fast acting. Well buy again

EZ Travel Bundle
Seanne O.
Love, love, love Medistik!

I don't know what I would do without Medistik, and I've used just about everything out there! I prefer the E Z Travel Bundle - the stick for my back and knees, and the roll-on for my neck and shoulders. Also works for my elbows, too! I've had issues with these problem areas for years, and NOTHING works as well as Medistik! It's gardening season, so it's a relief to have such a fantastic product that WORKS after a long day in my backyard! I use it at night and in the morning, or whenever I need some instant relief! My family is using Medistik too. It helps so much with my stiffness and mobility issues, that I hardly even need to take pain medication anymore! It's a 100%, thumbs up product! I'm ordering another bundle now!

MAX Pro Bundle
barbbanker2 @.b.
Pain rwlief

Works really well for my back an shoulder pain. Apply in the morning and late in the day. The relief is almost instant and lasts, nice refreshing smell.
Highly recommend. Thks Medistik will definitely buy again.

The best yet

Sticks Pack of 3
Sharon R.
Wow,Medistik is MAGiC!

I was volunteering at a golf tournament a few years back . I had been standing for hours , my feet were aching with my arthritis.
I overheard someone taking about this miracle product for arthritis that works within minutes.
I asked a few questions, was still a little skeptical of its performance but I jumped in and ordered my first Medistik online and have never looked back.
Medistik soothes the inflammation of my arthritis in minutes , reliefs the aches in my feet allowing me to fall asleep at night.
No other over - the - counter creams can hold a match to Medistik.
I recently bought a package of three sticks and have given 2 away to friends who now are believers and loving it too!

It works for me!

I’m dealing with a herniated disc, inflamed SI joint, and sciatica……..and this stuff works for me!! Medistik allows me to fall asleep with very little pain and helps me function at work where I sit a lot, which is normally a very painful position. I have tried sooooo many products and this one is the only one I would recommend!

The best

I am very happy with the bundle I received. All three work very well has made my nites sleep much better. It does relieve the pain I now have other people using it as well.

This Stuff Really Works

I have suffered from joint pain for many years. During that time I have tried multiple pills, creams, topical ointments, and maybe even some hocus pocus. Results were always mediocre at best, non-existent at worse and often left me dealing with uncomfortable side effects.
On the recommendation of a friend, I gave Medistik a try. My eyes were opened. Not only does it work to give me relief from my arthritis, it works fast, giving me hours of comfort, and with no side effects. AFter trying it a few times, I purchased the Family Pack so the rest of my household can have the same comfort without having to fight over bottles.
I recommend this product.

Sticks Pack of 3
Vadean C.

LOVE THIS!! Tried almost every other brand in this category and none compare. Four years at #1 in my books!!!

best ever been using it for yrs. only rub that works for me. Thanks

awesome stuff

Sticks Pack of 3
Perry &.T.A.

This stuff is amazing we will be ordering! We give it 5 stars

3X System Bundle
Annmarie M.
Medistik Bundle

This product is truly amazing it has helped me so much with my muscle aches. I recommended this product to a patient she ordered it loved it and is now going to purchase 1 for her son. Worth every penny 😊

Sensitive skin

I learned about this product from a patient.she swore by it and now I swear by it.bonus,black flies,deer flies and mosquitoes, don't like the stuff.

3X System Bundle
Sylvain F.
Only one problem

I LOVE that stuff!! The only complaint I have is that it doesn't come in a 45 gallon barrel so I could take a bath in it 😜

3X System Bundle
Janice L.
Medistik bundle

Great product. LOVE how I can throw it in my purse and use at any time. Works great and feels good too . Thanks 😊 for making my aches and pains feel a bit better 🙂


Really effective for my shoulder

Seems to work good,nice warm relief’,helps my arthritic shoulders when I go to the gym.

MAX Pro Bundle
Donna S.

This product has helped my husband immensely. He is suffering with Sciatica, unable to sleep, or fo much of anything. We ordered online, the extra strength duo. Not only does it quickly relieve pain - it lasts. So he can rest and work. Was happy to find it available for sale at a nearby pharmacy as well. Thank you! We highly recommend Medstik.

3X System Bundle
Shirley M.

I’m still waiting for my order. You received my Visa on April 9th when I made my order.