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The Power Trio
Gayle I.
Shoulder pain

Ever since using Medistik, my shoulder and arm pain are significantly reduced. I can now play Pickleball without stopping due to pain and aching. And I can throw the ball for my granddog now too!


I use it everyday!!


I have had a broken ankle for 27 yrs in which nothing was done about it yrs ago so I live with pain even though I wear a swedoe brace for yrs. It has helped me somewhat. I also use it for the arm I injured. The nerves in that arm are healing but it sure helps with the roll-on until nerves improve.

Have not received producy yet!!

Hope to receive stick soon!!!!!!!!!

Migraine, rescue bundle? 27/02/2024

Good afternoon; I’m so happy with the migraine, rescue bundle. I was a little skeptical, but after one weekend of having a migraine, no drive to the emerge with necessary for my PRN treatment. I went to bed my rescue bundle, and within 30 minutes the suffering was over I have already shared my bundle with friends and family and colleagues at work, so don’t be surprised to see several more orders coming in. I’m very, very pleased. Thank you.

Sticks Pack of 3
has reduced my arthritis

reduced my arthritis

The Power Stick
Patricia W.
Soothing relief

I have chronic bursitis in my hips and I have bee using essential oils to help me sleep. Now I use Medistik instead and I find just as good as relief and the cost is not so prohibitive as the essential oils. Thank you, I am enjoying the relief form the product!

Medistik. Spray

Great pain helper the best stuff I’ve ever used. I have a torn shoulder muscle and it almost takes it away immediately I will always use it.

Family Kit Bundle
Suzanne J.
My Pain

I would give this a 10 star review if at all possible. I have terrible pain in my shoulders. I have tried numerous pain, relieving creams and patches. Nothing has relieved my pain like Medistik has!!!! I like how you can layer the products. You get a nice cool feeling and the pain is relieved!!
Thank you

Pain Relief

The Medistik solid is by far the best product for painful joints l have ever used.

Love. It

Ive been using medistik now for over a year i wouldnt be walking without it .The last was the roll on i ordered for ny shoulders it also works great for shoulder pain and easier to put on.Hey now im pain free thanks to Medistik and you guys for the real quick shipping i got mine in 3 days.Thanks You

Sticks Pack of 3
Jeannine F.
Love this product!

Ever since my chiropractor recommended this stick, I love it! It works very well for relieving pain quickly. We especially like it because it is easy to apply!
Thank you!

Helpful for osteoarthritic pain

I have used the roll on and the stick. I find the spray difficult to use effectively due to some arthritis in my hands. Consider offering a bundle without the spray.
I find I need to apply the product more often than suggested for any significant results. Although the scent is not unpleasant it certainly is pungent!

I use more of this each day than I do deodorant...I just want to be sure I don't grab the wrong one again for under my arms!

I've only used the stick so far and it does provide relief, but the smell is so overpowering that I hesitate to use it.

Bath Oil Pearls
Georgette H.

I have bought twelve medistik, handed out to family members that are suffering with pain,there feed back was excellent. And also was wondering if you had any sample sizes I can hand out,As it is costing me.Thanks,Georgette

Love this product! Not as strong as the stick, but great for headaches

The BEST pain management product on the market!


I initially purchased these products from my Chiropractor's office and was very satisfied with them. I then discovered that I could order the products myself on the Medistik website. Delivery was very quick! These products work very well and I would purchase again. Love the fact that they are Canadian made products.


A great product. I have been using it for years.

The Power Trio
Jamie B.
Live Medistik

This is my second purchase of the bundle of Medistik products. Very effective in reducing pain in my knees, shoulders and lower back- much better than any other products that I have tried!

Excellant product

MAX Pro Bundle
Donna D.

Medistik is excellent for relieving pain and inflammation.
Very satisfied with this product.

Best topical treatment I've tried

I've dealt with chronic pain for well over a decade and I've tried a vast number of over the counter and prescription medication but so far medistik is the fastest, strongest, and longest lasting topical treatment I've tried