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Sticks Pack of 3
Elaine P.

It’s awsome

3X System Bundle
Karen H.
Best ever!

First the stick or the roll on, then the spray. It is amazing for pain!

3X System Bundle
Charlene M.

Love the medistick
Now trying rollon and spray

MAX Pro Bundle
Annie K.
It Really Works

I suffer from Lupus and have a lot of chronic pain and MediStik is the only thing that brings me relief ❤️ Highly recommend for all my family and friends!

3X System Bundle
Fast-Working Relief

After months of hip-knee pain and discomfort, the Medistik Trio has really helped. I use it in tandem with my physio exercises and daily biking. What a positive difference this trio has made!

Best topical pain relief I’ve tried

I cycle and am waiting on a knee replacement and have searched out many topical pain killers, this is by far my favourite. I did not purchase Medistik with the expectation that it would make all my pain disappear, it relieves enough of the pain to make it a good deal at this price point. The only draw back would be if you have family members that are sensitive to scents as it has a strong smell. I definitely will be purchasing more as stocking stuffers for my active friends.

3X System Bundle
Linda S.
Excellent product

I prefer the one with the black lid and the roll on one. It is more difficult to spray on my back. I use this 3x’s a day it really helps. I haven’t found anything that works as good or at a comparable price

Medi Stick

Love these products. Both me and my husband use them and have for years. We use all 3 products.

MAX Pro Bundle
Vernon S.
Pain relief

Great pain relief. Apply it before physical work and it eliminates pain. Works great

Medistik spray

Both my wife and myself have had the opportunity to use the spray and have found it very effective in treating our muscle tightness. It was quick in action and had that nice aroma associated with analgesics.
The canister is easy to use and to store. I thank the lady who allowed me to try it one day when I was at a restaurant. She highly recommended it as she used it regularly. She was a waitress and used it frequently during the day.

MAX Pro Bundle
Marion A.
Great stuff

I’ve have tried a lot of different things and I am finding relief from your product.

i absolutely love it i swear by it

3X System Bundle
Cindy L.
Excellent pain relief !

I have a prescription for a topical analgesic. My brother in law gave me medistik to try and I was amazed at how quickly it worked. My prescription is covered under my health care plan so I don’t pay much for it but I wasn’t long spending the money on your product. I suffer from sciatica and anyone who has had that knows what kind of burning pain it creates. Medistik lessened the pain that was unbearable at times and even took it away completely most of the time. If your looking for anything OTC this is it!

Sticks Pack of 3
Jessica Z.
Best Sports Medicine

The price is totally worth it! I train 6 days a week and have knee pain but after using medistik my kneee pain has completely disappeared 👍

3X System Bundle
Sherry S.

Works wonderful, I really like the roll on and stick.

3X System Bundle
Fern S.
Quick relief

Took a while to write this review because I was having trouble believing it was working as fast as it seemed to be. I tried it on friends and they were also amazed at how quickly it relieved their sore hands or back.

3X System Bundle
Maggie B.
It works!!

This is my second time ordering this product and it works so well. Great for chronic pain, inflammation, and i also use it for fibromyalgia. There is no other product out in my opinion, that can compare. I will continue to buy Medistik, and highly recommend it.


works releived my back pain

Love this product!!

Works quickly!!

Roll-Ons Case of 12
Jeannine G.

Roll-Ons Case of 12

Sticks Pack of 3
Heather T.
Works well

I gave a stick of this to my older sister, who has had a horrible flare-up of arthritis. Her hands are swollen right up and the pain has gone straight up both arms and into her shoulders. Her doctor sent her home with pills and a prescription salve, buy she says that Medistik works better than the prescriptions. To me that is very strong endorsement.

MAX Pro Bundle
Marie M.
Instant Pain Relief

I have ordered these products a few times . It works . I have arthritis in both hips and this helps so much .

Works wonders

We definitely have tried the rubs that are out there on the market. Not only is the application quick and easy but it doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin! I have have been chemically burned by a lot of products because my skin is so sensitive and this doesn’t bother it at all (haven’t tried the roll on ice)! And it actually works!

3X System Bundle
Alice V.
Very Good

Helps reduce inflammation. Helps with pain.

Sticks Case of 12
Very good

My daughter has fibromyalgia and the Medistick helps relieve her pain thus she can get some rest. I was in a car accident a few years back with the help of medistick I can get a decent nights sleep