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Best we've tried

Tried half a dozen other brands, this our fav by far.

Great stuff!

Really helps with muscle and joint pain!

Sticks Pack of 3
Marlene W.
Great Product

Have used this before, it is great, easy to use and works!!! Online pricing was way cheaper.

Perfect gift idea

Sent these across Canada to aging suffering parents with arthritis. Perfect gift idea for the people who have everything. Best relief ever.

Still undecided

Based on posted reviews, I purchased this product with high hopes for relief for my arthritic knees. I have been using it daily for over a month and am still undecided about it’s impact. I’m still looking for the miracle treatment.

Best Stuff Ever

A friend put me on to this product a few years ago. I had lots of rubs and lotions over the years but nothing has given me the pain relief that Medistik has. My mother has tried it and now orders it as well. Great product would recommend to any one that has constant pain in joints and back area.

3X System Bundle
Rosine T.
It works!

After decades of arthritis pains and two major joint replacements, I'm relieved to say I have found a product that helps ease the effects of arthritis. I bought the bundle after trying the roll on. There are parts of my lower back I couldn't reach and I figured the spray would. The bundle was a great deal.
Keep up the great work!

Not much to say, but I LOVE IT,it works amazing. Wonderful stuff.

Sticks Case of 12
Ernestine V.
Great stuff!

I tried Medistik some time ago at a friend's recommendation. I was quite pleased that it actually dealt with the pain. And it's so much easier to use than some of the other products out there because it's like a deodorant stick that you can just roll on to whatever spot hurts. And the smell dissipates quickly so it's not a problem.

So my last order was for six and when it ran out I was lucky enough to take advantage of the savings afforded me if I bought 12 so you can bet I did! I have given it to a couple of friends, too, who are also pleased with the product. It's hard to get something that actually works these days. The little bin I have of all the different kinds of pain relievers I've tried attests to that! Like I said, good stuff... that really works!


Have been using Medistik for 4-5 years now, whenever I have joint or muscle pain. While it’s not a cure for what ails me, it most definitely provides relief when I need it. The spray and roll-on give instant pain relief, while the stick has longer lasting effects. Sometimes I use them in combination when the pain is higher than usual. I also use Medistik before the pain hits; when I know I’ll be more physically active, and it lessens the impact afterwards. Thank you for creating a product that actually works!

Great Stuff!

I suffer from a number of different conditions/issues from neuropathy, a rare neurological pain condition called CRPS, as well as a painful tumor in my wrist I am awaiting surgery to have removed, and this spray has helped me to reduce the pain for all 3. My husband is also recovering from a dislocated knee and says that spraying Medstik on his knee before bed relieves his pain so he is able to sleep, when nothing else could. I'm so thrilled to have found this relief in a bottle!

Sticks Pack of 3
Shelly C.
3 pack Medistik

I was already a huge fan of this stick style of pain relief application but the online price was a welcome deal for my pocketbook.

I like very much……

Sticks Pack of 3
Robert D.B.
Great product

Use it everyday

Spectacular Stuff

After purchasing the heat spray and solid at the Army Run several years ago, I was happy to see the Facebook post online and on sale no less. Spectacular product that works way above and beyond other products. We tried the cool spray on a family members arthritic hands and elbows and was blown away by it's effectiveness. Great sale!!!


I find this really helps my arthritis in my hands. I do need to reapply after hand washing, but it does help with the pain. I am glad I found this product.

Great stuff

Ease of application and results from use make this product my go to !!

Medistik 3 pack

Bought for my mom and myself. We both find that it works great at relieving pain from both arthritis and other pain issues.


I gave this product a try after several other attempts with competitors - nothing came close to Medistick !!
Should have bought Medstick first, would have saved myself hundreds of dollars and a lot of cursing as well.
This will be my go to product from here on in.
Stay strong
Rick G.

Amazing product!!!

Amazing product that works !!!

Muscle and joint pain

Best product I have ever used. Spray and roll on allow me to run with no problem. Better than CBD.

Works very well on my severe osteoarthritis pain

Works really well on my osteoarthritis and also my left shoulder distal tear. I bought a mixed pack of the three items suggested and tried them all prior to committing to a large order.
A bit expensive but buying in bulk makes for a very acceptable price point.
I've also ordered a 12 pack of the spray.
Thanks for a great Canadian product.


I love it and let other people try it for pain at work


this stuff really helps my toes it is helping the pain really good couldnt ask for more and lots of people are asking me to order for them so I do


Absolutely amazing product, have 6 friends using this now! Carrying one in my purse in case I need it when I’m out! Seriously good stuff!