Benefits of a topical pain reliever versus an oral pain reliever

When you have muscle or joint pain, you want immediate relief!

When you reach into your bag or cupboard, do you go for a topical or oral pain reliever?

Here are some reasons to consider using a topical pain relief option instead of an oral pain reliever:

Long-Term Effects to the Body:

Oral medication has to pass through your stomach, liver, and small intestine before being absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed where it's needed, leaving fragments of harmful chemicals along the way. Over time and with frequent use, they may cause stomach ulcers, increase your risk for a heart attack, and damage your kidneys.

On the other hand, a topical pain reliever is absorbed straight through the skin to the area of pain, avoiding this harmful path through your body. 

Immediate Relief:

It takes on average 15 minutes for oral medication to reach the muscles, which can feel like an eternity when you are in pain.

With a topical pain reliever, you will feel relief within seconds. Especially if you use our Fast Acting Spray that penetrate the skin in seconds providing intense instant relief from acute or chronic muscle or joint pain.

Long Lasting Relief:

When you have a persistent pain, such as back pain or arthritis, it is much more effective to use a topical pain relief that has high active ingredients to give you the long lasting relief you need without the harmful side effects of oral medication. When our Long Lasting Extra-Strength Stick is applied it creates a barrier that protects the area, while locking the in the ingredients to enable long-term prevention, relief and healing.

Goes Beyond Just Relieving Pain:

Our products don't just mask pain but work to prevent and relieve pain through:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Increasing oxygen and blood flow
  • Utilizing therapeutic effects.

When we get injured, enzymes in our body create chemicals that cause and enhance pain and inflammation in our muscles and joints. Our Dual Action products include Methyl Salicylate as a key active ingredient as it blocks these enzymes from producing these chemicals, alleviating pain and inflammation.

The active ingredients in our products target areas of pain to open up blood vessels increasing blood flow and oxygen to that area to speed up pain relief and healing.

Our formula includes NSAIDs that penetrate the skin exerting therapeutic effects over a period of time, long after the hot and cold sensation disappeared. This additional layer helps improve the speed of rehabilitation of acute injuries by increasing range of motion. Since 2006, MEDISTIK has been used by over 4,500 health professionals to support their clients between treatments.

Safe to Use at Work:

Topical pain relievers are safe to use while at work, especially if you work in the medical field.

Our Long Lasting Extra-Strength Stick can be put on before a shift and will stay on your skin working for hours allowing you to focus on your work and not on pain. If you are applying while at work, there will be a strong smell on initial application that will fade over time. That smell is all of the anti-inflammatory ingredients working their magic. 

When in pain and looking for relief, select the option that avoids harmful side effects and provides immediate and long lasting relief. 

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