Turning one October Thanksgiving weekend into an entire month of gratitude

As a company, we have decided to turn Thanksgiving from one weekend in October to an entire month of gratitude.

During these challenging times, we feel it's important to focus on and show appreciation for all the good we have in our lives.

To show our appreciation for the men and women who sacrifice their well-being to protect the freedom and quality of life we are grateful to have, MEDISTIK will be donating 20% of all sales in the month of October to a very worthy organization called Soldier On.

Soldier On engages, empowers, inspires and informs the recovery of ill/injured serving members and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces as they use sport, recreation and creative pursuits to move towards an active lifestyle.

On behalf of the entire MEDISTIK family and the amazing members of Soldier On, thank you for your ongoing support!

To learn more about this incredible organization, visit

Purchase until October 31, 2020 and 20% of your purchase will be donated to Soldier On.

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