MEDISTIK: Featured in Digital Health Buzz

A More Effective Solution For Pain Management 

Canadian company MEDISTIK, Inc. has been successfully selling its topical pain management solution exclusively through professional health clinics for 14 years, and has now launched into the consumer space, working hard to get it into the hands of everyday people.

Currently, the brand offers three different systems—a long lasting extra strength stick, a fast acting extra strength spray, and an ice natural fast acting roll-on. Together, these three products are able to address most of the average person’s daily pain relief needs.

For years, over-the-counter oral analgesics have been the go-to solutions for pain relief. How is MEDISTIK any different and what sets it apart from some of the most popular pain relief medications?

Simply put, MEDISTIK is the strongest topical pain reliever that can be purchased without a prescription, boasting 46% active ingredients. Additionally, it’s a solution that can be used to not only provide pain relief but also to prevent and heal acute and chronic pain by targeting inflammation.

How Was MEDISTIK Started?

MEDISTIK was founded by Ruza Jelinkova, who, at the time, was a single mother raising two children—all while dealing with acute and chronic pain.

Traditional oral and prescription pain medications weren’t the answer. With serious concerns about their lack of active ingredients and their use of fillers—not to mention, their worrying side effects—short-term pain relievers had Ruza convinced that a new pain management solution was needed.

After working closely alongside medical practitioners, scientists, and labs to develop a safer and stronger pain reliever, MEDISTIK was launched in 2006.

Today, even after the company has grown and its products have been embraced by over 4,000 professional health clinics, pharmacies, professional athletes, and the military, the privately-owned company’s sole mission remains the same: to increase the quality of life for those who suffer with acute and chronic pain.

What Does MEDISTIK Do?

While traditional pain relievers are generally used to offer temporarily relief and “mask” pain, MEDISTIK offers a complete, three-step pain management system that is designed to prevent, relieve, and heal pain.

In terms of prevention, MEDISTIK is a product that can be applied prior to physical activity. As it increases blood flow and oxygen flow, and relaxes muscles, it is often able to prevent injuries and the pain that follows.

As for relief, MEDISTIK targets pain where it occurs by blocking signals to the brain and increasing blood and oxygen flow.

Finally, MEDISTIK’s products promote healing by preventing inflammation, increasing blood and oxygen flow, and allowing for maximum mobility to facilitate a quicker recovery at the site of the injury.

Who Should Use MEDISTIK?

MEDISTIK’s line of products can be used to manage various issues, including muscle pain, cramps, and stiffness; arthritis and rheumatoid conditions; neck, shoulder, back, and leg pain; acute and chronic pain; joint pain; and sport and fitness injuries.

These products, especially when they are paired with massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatments, can be a highly effective solution for pain prevention, relief, and healing.

To date, MEDISTIK has brought relief to more than 1 million people and garnered thousands of 5-star reviews. If you, too, are wary of the ingredients and side effects of popular oral analgesics, it might be time to turn to a safer, stronger, and more comprehensive pain management system—MEDISTIK.

Source:  Digital Health Buzz