Launched in 2006, MEDISTIK has become Canada’s best kept secret. With one of the strongest topical pain reliever available without a prescription, MEDISTIK has helped over 1 million people with managing pain and inflammation.

Over 4,500 health care clinics, professional athletes and the Canadian Military rely on MEDISTIK every day because MEDISTIK works.

MEDISTIK measures its growth by the number of people we are able to help. This is a core value that is embedded in our culture and drives our success.

It is an incredibly rewarding experience to receive reviews and feedback from customers every day, letting us know how much we have been able to help them and the difference that MEDISTIK has made in their lives.

Increasing quality of life and optimizing performance is why we exist, the value we deliver and our commitment to those we serve.

A Strong History

Ruza Jelinkova created MEDISTIK after discovering that most topical analgesics only included a small amount of active ingredients that only provided short-term pain relief and were packed with fillers and non-medical ingredients.

Suffering from acute and chronic pain, as well as migraines, Ruza was concerned about the side effects of oral and prescription pain medications. She was certain there had to be a safer, better and more complete approach to pain management.

Quickly and effectively relieving muscle and joint pain was only the start. By increasing blood and oxygen flow, and targeting the enzymes that cause inflammation, the solution would reduce pain by applying it before activity and help to heal pain by targeting its source.

In 2006, after extensive research and consultations with medical practitioners, scientists and labs, Ruza launched MEDISTIK in Canada through the country's leading healthcare clinics. MEDISTIK's
3X PRIME | PERFORM | RESTORE pain management concept was born.

A single mother raising two amazing kids, Ruza expanded the line to include three formulations that are now used and sold in over 4,500 professional health clinics, pharmacies and retail stores around the world. 

Determined to create a culture based on improving people’s quality of life, Ruza created the MEDISTIK Life Improvement Index. MLII is the way we monitor growth and the overall success of the company. It keeps us focused on our vision and ensures we are always doing what is best for our customers.