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Family Kit Bundle

This product is very helpful for aches and pains. Helped everyone in the family with their pain. Love the way it rolls on and sprays on. Will definitely buy again.

Like it…

It has helped my pain in my knees and foot.

This is the best!

The medistick spray is great for my back pain. I use it twice a day and have had very good results.

Sticks Pack of 3
Angela B.

Great product. Use it a lot.

Medistik, spray, roll o;an$ stick

I’ve been using the 3 different ones for over a year. I use 2 at a time, either roll on with stick or spray with stick. I’m better by 60 percent. Once in awhile during the night when I hurt, I just pick my stick an rub it on. It Always feels better.

Medistik relief!

I am quite liking this product. I have issues with my knee and as a result bending it is uncomfortable. With that happening everything else in the leg is tightening up. I use the spray and stick in the morning and throughout the day at work I use just the stick. I am getting relief from that.

I really like Medistik
I find this is the only pain medication that works.
I apply it several times a day to the pain areas and I instantly experience the relief. I’m also spreading the word to my family and friends. This product is hard to find in Hamilton, that’s why I needed to order directly from you.
Thanks again Medistik

Love the roller ball I've got a fractured wrist ,just got my cast off I'm in physio and just ordered it a few weeks ago and it really works Going to order a few more

Love this stuff. Best topical pain relief

I had a significant spinal surgery 6 months ago. Needless to say I'm in pain. This stuff really helps.


Glad I tried Medistik

I’ve only had the Medistik order for a week but can say that it is working.

love it

Medistik is the best pain relief I have ever used and I have recommended and ordered it for my friends. I know I can count on the product to help with my pain. Thank You Wendy Wall


Excellent product. I use this product every night. It really helps painful legs.

EZ Travel Bundle
Jacques P.

Good smell but not so effective

Works as advertised

Used the layering for my golf elbow. Helped immediately!! Totally recommend!!

Medistik extra strength stick

Luv it - I have spinal stenosis with nerve damage and psoriatic arthritis - is helping a lot - thank you!!!!


It works very well use it on my knees relieves pain

Medistik is great!

Medistik got me through 2 months of physiotherapy for bursitis. I don't know where I'd be without it - certainly not back on the golf course!

Loved it. Very effective.

MAX Pro Bundle
Janet S.J.
Extremely pleased!

I actually purchased this product with my mom in mind more so than myself as she suffers every day from rheumatoid arthritis. As for me, I am constantly injuring my knees and because these products worked wonders for the pain I suffer from I wanted to take them over to her to see if they would work in her favour. It has only been one day but she said she noticed a difference so after a few more days if she still sees positive results I will be ordering these products for her as well.


My brother was in a serious auto accident and both of his ankles were shattered, and had to be put back together with screws and metal plates. I bought Meditix for him to try and he is soooo happy I did. It has help give him reflief" because he still works and is on his feet all day. I have another friend that Iam going to order some for too.

Simply the best

MEDISTIK is my secret weapon for long days at my computer. I layer the spray and stick, do a few stretches and get on with my day. The pain is gone within minutes. Thanks for creating a product that works so well!

It works

Easy application, roll on and combined with the stick, couldn't be easier.

Medistic bar and spray

I have been using the medistik bar for years and love it, as it penetrates into the skin easily and provides fast and long lasting pain relief to my back and hips.

The spray is new to me, and I love it too, reaches spots that I couldnt reach with the bar, and works fast although not as long lsting. Would still recommend both. Thank you.