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Love this stick !takes the pain away ,don't get hands dirty and smells good reminds me of wintergreen

EZ Travel Bundle
Frances A.

This is my third order, I use it on my back and leg every night. Thanks for making Medistik for USA

EZ Travel Bundle
Deborah M.
Medistik’s EZ Travel Bundle’

I was very satisfied with the stick for long lasting - it really helped a lot for my pain. I particularly liked that the spray was fast acting - it really did the trick, but I agree the is better for lasting longer. One thing though - I found the smell to be quite overpowering, especially when I’d put it on during the day. It was fine at bedtime - was extremely glad that they were greaseless as well as no staining. Overall I was quite happy with the order.

It certainly helps my

SAC joints and muscles ... daily use allows me to get loose, pain free and able swing freely.
I’d certainly enjoy a few months sample supply. 😇

3X System Bundle
Arlene M.
Great products.

This is the first pain relief that I've ever used and I've used a lot of pain remidies for my arthritis.

Best spray ever!

I absolutely love this stay for my extremely sore muscles. I have lots of pain issues and one is thoracic outlet syndrome and osteoarthritis in my neck. I have fibromyalgia so you can just imagine the level of pain when I get injuries. This spray seriously helps my pain so much. I can't sleep without spraying it on my neck, shoulders and upper and lower back. I will recommend this spray to everyone living in chronic pain. Best topical I have ever used! Thank you for making an awesome product that seriously helps me so much.


Excellent produit qui agit bien pour mon arthrose du genou A++++++++

Mediistik roll-on a GEM

Easy to use and work very well - initially it starts cold and then it turns warm and works for a long time in-between uses. A MUST HAVE for all types of muscular and/or joint pain


great product, easy to use and works great. We have recommended to friends who have purchased online.

Great Stuff

I really like your products!! I have tried others but yours always comes out on top!! It helps my knees and leg cramps!! Keep up the good work making these products!!
Lynn Muirhead

3X System Bundle
Charlene P.
Amazing 5*

Absolutely the best product on the market! I suffer from Fibromyalgia and a fractured spine and this stuff dulls all the pain with an awesome cold and warm sensation and gives you a massage type feeling like you get from a tens unit! The bonus from this 3x system is it doesn't leave a sticky film on your skin like everything out there does. It doesn't take all my pain away but it does dull it to allow normal movement!
Thank you Medistick for coming up with such a brilliant system! A very happy customer

hi i have lot of pain in my knee and i use medistick and the pain left.

sorry for my english

EZ Travel Bundle
Medistick works

I use it in conjunction with CBD for relief of RSI. Good product. Recommended

3X System Bundle
Rickey W.
Fast delivery

Product came in fast .... I tried all 3 product and the result is great and fast it cools down the pain like instantly the pain I got on my neck it's like wow I really love this product I am happy I took a chance to buy this product

Medistik Bundle

I use these products everyday for major pain areas and it is fantastic for controlling those spots so I can move throughout my day.

Will buy again

Loved the bundle. It helped right from the first use. Will definitely be reordering.

MAX Pro Bundle
Jessica Z.
Works great

Works really good on body pain especially before training.


Helps relieve the pain for a good period of time. Love the scent.

The spray is wonderful

I have gotten a few of the sticks. That spray though is awesome. I will be ordering it again for sure, despite its expense. I have a few problematic areas on my shoulder and back that can only be reached by a spray,and your spray is the strongest I’ve found without a scrip.

Sticks Pack of 3
Gloria A.
Excellent relief product

Medistik is the best product I have ever used for my arthritic joint pain and gotten instant relief. The roll on is especially effective for the osteoarthritic pain in my neck. I definitely recommend it and will never be without it.


Using the spray on a sore neck and stick on my lower back. Liking both. My wife uses the roll on on the recently operated on elbow. Love all three.

3X System Bundle
Isobel G.
I like it

I have chronic pain and always looking for relief. Recently got the medstick triple bundle and am enjoying it. Very good value. Thsnks.

Long Lasting Extra Strength Stick

Tres bon

Fonctionne tres bien pour mes genoux arthrose

Great product

Love this product!! Works great and last a good while