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Family Kit Bundle
Jessica G.-.H.
Great set!! Something for everyone!!

My husband has left leg spasticity and has been loving the stick. My mom loves the spray, and I'm all about the roll on for tired chef knees. Really well rounded collection.


I prefer the stick ! It goes on easily and is so effective! I am a migraine sufferer, and it helps me . I would highly recommend this product for any of your muscle soreness as well! Overall it’s a great product! You will not be disappointed.

EZ Travel Bundle
Katherine M.
Real relief

I use all three MEDISTIK pain relief products. The spray is especially helpful for areas like my back that are harder to reach. The roll-on is really effective for my feet and less intense aches. The stick I use alone as well as a topper for both the spray and stick—it seems to seal in the first application and also gives that extra boost of pain relief. I suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy and other foot and pain issues, and MEDISTIK has been a lifesaver for me, especially when meditation isn’t enough. I appreciate the natural pain relievers and that the products are made in Canada! I only wish you sold discount bundles of all three that include the same number of roll-ons, or the spray and roll-on as a set, because the bottles seem to empty faster than the sticks. The sales are greatly appreciated, for sure! I use at least one form of MEDISTIK to get through virtually every day. I’ve gifted them to family members and they are now buying MEDISTIK too! Thank you!

It works!

I have only had this product for a short time but so far have found it to be quite effective. It has helped with the pain that I suffer in my knee, although I realize it is not the cure for some structural problems in that knee that will require surgery down the road.


My wife and I both use Medistik. We find it gives great relief to tired and stiff muscles. I gives some heat and soothing relaxation to those areas.


I really love medistik, I will continue to buy it... It helps my arthritis in my hand.. Plus my hip is sore.. So I put medistik on before bed and then I can fall asleep....

Love this product. I've been using medistik for approximately 8 months.
It's Instant relief. I suffer from bone on bone arthritis in my knees, back issues, neck issues so once I rub my medistik on its instant relief. I can go uo the stairs without the hand rail.
I order my medstick by the dozen when the sales are on. I have referred family and friends and now they also order. Thank you MEDSTICK 😊

Great product

The best product of its kind. Use it on muscle aches. Also works great on headaches. Highly recommend these products.


Best pain relief ever, it is my new eau de parfum lol

I love it

Sinus pain

Love how fast my medistik works on my sinus headache. Love the cold mask also.

Medistick 3 Pack

This is my second order. It works so much better than anything else I have used. I find it great for my muscles as well as my knees. I also like the fact that it is easy to use and doesn't get on my hands.

Medistik Face Mask

The new product is fantastic. It works as well as if not better than your other products. Another home run. ❤️

Face Mask

This face mask is great, I usually use the cold in the morning it helps with sinus pain and feels good on my whole face.
Have also used warmed and it is very relaxing. have sprayed medistick on it, but have to be careful not to put on too much, will try the roll on or stick next time that really helps relieve my sinus.
It’s well made and comfortable, highly recommend.

Works great

I prefer the spray than the stick. The spray works much better.

3X System Bundle
Candace M.
My fave products

I love using the spray and the stick together, it gives me such great relief after a long day of massaging!!

Working well

Got it for my wife. Has knee pain and foot issues around ankles. It’s working as promised. We very pleased. Now I’m using it on arthritic toes. It’s definitely helping.

After applying both the spray and stick it feels better for maybe an hour then sore again, but will keep on trying!


Helps me with my overuse aches from working and even low back pain caused by pms

The cooling roll-on is great for headaches

I suffer from chronic pain due to bone on bone knees and a case of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica. Product works quickly and relieves much of the pain. Surly impressed.

Rollon is not as effective as stick

Excellent products

I was sceptical at first, but it really does the trick. I have a bad knee following an old car accident and putting this on it alleviates the pain. I highly recommend it.

My neck has been sore since motor vehicle accident. First time putting medistik on, I felt relief the end of the day. I also put it on my hips or wherever my arthritis is bothering me. Thanks so much.

I love that it's so smooth to apply, but no results as yet re the pain, have just ordered the spray on this past week to apply first and will give if more time for less pain.

My Chiropractor gave the cool stick as a gift to me, because of my Tendonitis in my shoulders and I really liked the product. I am still waiting two get more relief from the trio I ordered recently for the pain in my knee. I have bursitis and some tendon problems, I put the trio on twice a day. I do like the “hands free “approach. I use the spray and stick on my knee and the roll on all the way down the leg. When my feet feel numb, I rub the stick on the bottom of my feet and it feels good. I think it is a good product, I might just need more time.