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Really works!

I use it regularly on my shoulder and lower back. Really works and gets me back to living life pain free!

It actually works!

As a 61 year old woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, pain is my normal. I have tried everything and MEDISTIK is surprising me at how well it is working. I have shared it with coworkers at my job and they are impressed with it too. Several of them have ordered their own MEDISTIK. I paid for this with my own money and have not been compensated in any way by the company.

Great product

Awesome product pain is gone

3X System Bundle
I don’t believe that anyone says this doesn’t work!

I have osteoporosis in both my knees as well as pains in my back and left shoulder. I have the spray, solid and roll-on. All these products work. They are what helps me get through the day. I have recommended all to my family & friends and they all agree that these products are amazing. I honestly don’t know how anyone says these products don’t work. I believe in Medistick so much that I tell complete strangers about it. No problems with orders being filled or delivery. Keep up the good work.

The heat is on!

Great product! You don’t have to get your hands messy and the smell is great. It’s very therapeutic.

I highly recommend the product!!

A doctor of chiropractic advised me to try MEDISTIK (long lasting extra strength sticks). Wow!! Amazing!! By far the best topic analgesic. The application is easy, the analgesia is efficient, the muscle relaxes well, the smell is pleasant. The website is very easy to use. Great customer service. Easy and fast communication. I highly recommend the product.



Très bon


wow, tried this on my knees and neck at night...could not believe in less than 5 minutes i could do deep knee bends and move my head side to side...impossible to do before without severe pain...not sure jow this works but am pleased so far

Medistik does exactly what it says. It is very easy to use, fast acting, and alleviates the pain.

This stuff works!

Medistick works fast,, within minutes of applying, pain is taken away!

Quality product

Loved the results for my sore muscles and achy joints. So I bought friends and family members these for Christmas gifts.

Medistik Extra Strength

Up to now I have been using Medistik for a while and I am now a convinced user. A week ago, I had serious thigh muscle pains as the result of trauma in both legs. Was unable to do the basic physical functions, that use these muscles, like stand, bend, scoop, walk etc,. After being couch bound for 3 days, I was becoming desperate and found an article online about using creams for pain relief and hence applied Medistik to both thighs. In the morning the pain was gone. To make sure, I reapplied Meditik again the next night. It is now a week later and a miracle has happened. I am now able to do all physical functions, that use my thigh muscles, without pain. It is now permanent relief and my pain is completely gone.

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My Go To Pain Med

After years of dealing with Arthritis, sciatica and fibromyalgia issues, and trying everything on the market, I’m so happy that I finally found Medistik. Its the only thing that actually works to relieve my pain and the best part is I forget about it for the rest of the day and usually feel great. Thank you!!! Big fan!

The Best

I will never use anything else!!!
This gets me threw my 12 hr shifts as a nursing home worker!! I suffer with severe shoulder and back pain but using this has helped me so much!!! Fast acting and most effective!!

Best Product Ever

I have used alot of these types of products and Medistik is twice as good as anything I've used in the past.

3 X System bundle

Have been using the stick daily for three weeks on my legs, arms and back. Relieves spasms, longer lasting effects than other products I have used. Recently started applying roll-on for hand/finger pain. Thank you Medistik!


Works well for managing pain. I like the scent.

All ingredients

As far as I am concerned these are the best pain products I have tried. Works quick and allows me to work out with no discomfort

Mixed results

I had to discontinue use because of an interaction with some of my meds. However, my wife uses it on an arthritic knuckle and she says it helps.

Simply amazing!

We have used many different products for relief from various medical aches, the biggest being my husband's elbow. He fell from a ladder to the concrete garage floor, shattering the bones. His pain levels, 3.5 yrs later, are still strong, and I expect permanent.
Medistik products are the only products that he gets relief with! We started using the stick about 6 mths ago, and are now layering the spray and the stick. This provides the longest relief for him.
I use the roll-on for relief with my neck, I have never experienced such a quick response from any other product and won't waste any more money on anything else!
Thanks Medistik for all the relief you have given us, we are lifelong customers now!

Best Product Ever

I have lower back and shoulder issues. I have tried everything on thd market and Medistik works twice as good and twice as long.

MediStik spray gets me through the day

I’m a BIG guy that has pain in all of my joints. Everyday I spray on some MediStik on my neck, shoulders, knees, and ankles to help take the pain away so i can get through my day at work. Thanks MediStik

Long Lasting Extra Strength Stick

the strong one

great stuff everyone should use this works great