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Really works!

I have been using another roll on with CBD added that is much more expensive.I decided to give Medistik a try when I saw the ad. Much to my delight it works just as well for relieving pain. Since I use it on my hip, back and knees I really appreciate finding a much less expensive ointment so easy to use. I highly recommend it.

EZ Travel Bundle
Gregory S.
For sore muscles

This is the best stuff I have ever used for sore or stiff muscles.

Family bundle

Very impressed five stars


This stick has helped me so much! I would highly recommend it 💕


Great stuff.

I use it every day on my back and I love it. Thanks.

Pleasantly surprised.

Bought for my mum who has rheumatoid arthritis and she often uses Voltaren before bed on her knees. She said it was the best topical she has tried in over 5 years, and actually alleviated her joint pain.

MAX Pro Bundle
Terri-lynn H.

This stuff works amazingly I recommend it to anyone who has chronic pain

Easy to use but I don’t really think it works. I don’t really find any difference when I use it.

Loved it!

I used the roll on for immediate relief. The stick and spray overtop for longer relief. Just was ordering more today!

Love it .. it really works !! Wish the scent was milder .. but it’s not that bad .. we will definitely purchase again .. fast delivery too !

Travel Bundle

Have been using this product for years. Great to have it bundled like this. Great product! Definitely recommend.

I’ve tried everything

Really pleased with the results of this product. I’ve purchased so many pain creams, sprays etc. to help with chronic muscle and joint pain and they have had limited effects. MEDISTIK products has the best therapeutic effect of all of them. Works almost instantly!

Great,worth it

works great and hits the muscle and nerve pain but the smell can be strong worth it and last long time as well

I love the medi stick extra strength it works awesome

Easy to use

The Best you can get

I am totally in love with Medistik and tell anyone that has pain that they should check it out and often send them a link.

Works well

Easy to apply. Not to smelly. Works great!

Long Lasting Extra Strength Stick


Works real good as I just started to us it. So far so good for pain relief

3X System Bundle

It has helped me with my pain. Doesn't completely relieve it , but it makes it tolerable.

MAX Pro Bundle
Tania N.
Works great

This is my second order now, I usual mostly at bedtime. Happy so far. Thank you

It works

It does work.

MAX Pro Bundle
Nancy E.
Great Bundle of "Relief"

I purchased both the Medistik spray as well as the Medistik rub which I am wearing as I write this! I have chronic neck pain originating from a congenital fusion at birth followed by subsequent surgery in 2000 & continue with related issues eversince more myofascially. This product has kept me from having to use my pain medication as often as I used to. It sinks deep into my muscles & tissue easing away my related pain. My husband uses it & also gets relief for his shoulder & upper back pain. You really need to give it a shot if you have any pain related issues anywhere! You have nothing to lose but your pain!


This product is excellent on neck and shoulders after a long day at the computer. Feels great, smells great and no residue left on clothes. Love it!!