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Love it,my third order


been using for couple of weeks, pain appears worse after going to bed for 3 to 4 hours, very little relief,
smell is very strong but the execution of product is disappointing.

This stuff WORKS!

I was having knee pain when a friend who playing golf with me, suggested I try this new item her neurologist suggested. Within 10 minutes I felt a difference. So when I checked out the 3 different methods of applying this product, I purchased them because I have pain in my thumbs, roll-on, neck pain, spray knee pain rub. The perfect trio!

Great results

This is my second order and have had great results. It has helped my knee pain immensely. Recommend

Knee pain

I bought this for my mom who has arthritis and has had a total knee replacement. She suffers with pain daily. She tried this and it helped. The spray is easy to use and it smells like menthol. I will be ordering more for my mom, my aunt tried it and now wants some for her and her mom.

Provides some relief

Suffering with a very painful torn Rotator cuff...Medistik provides some relief...very strong smell

Margo C

Find it very helpful for spinal stenosis.

Great products recommended to my senior friends does a great job.

3X System Bundle
Sandra N.
3 piece bundle

Something for every place you hurt. It’s the best product I’ve ever used.

3X System Bundle
Stefan L.
Highly satisfied

The Medistik products are phenomal !!
The products truly help with many different muscular and athritis ailments. I use all three products before and after any type of exercising. The stick, I use daily on my right shoulder. It eases the pain. It even disappears!
Thank you!


The MEDISTIK spray has provided immense relief to the osteoarthritis in my knee. It's an amazing natural product that surpassed the relief the cortisone injection was supposed to provide. Thank you MEDISTIK!

Sticks Pack of 3
Christine A.

Perhaps the folks at Medistik are wondering why I have already ordered several times in a short span of time, but it's because I've handed a few containers out to friends and directed them to your very informative web site. This product is such a nice surprise in the midst of many items which may prove to be less than satisfactory. Thank you for being so sincere, honest and (here we go) so CANADIAN in your dealings with your customers.

Great product

I decided to try these products and boy was I ever glad I did. I suffer from pains in my knees and with just a couple of sprays the pain is gone. Double up spray and stick for longer lasting relief. Highly recommend.

Medistik is a great product

I find your products really does help with the pain & relief the pain very quickly. Best one I have tried so far. I find it has a strong smell when you first put it on but give it some time the smell does disappear somewhat but it really does work which is the main purpose for it. It’s great.


This is doing a great job of relieving the pain in my lower back and knee. It starts working fast and you can feel it penetrating into your skin. It works far better than anything else I’ve used. It does have an odour to it, but not as strong as Rub A535 or others I have tried. I really like the ease of use (it looks like a stick of deodorant) and that you don’t have to put it on your hands to spread it.

Amazing Relief

Amy B

Sticks Pack of 3
Barbara S.
The Best Ever

I will be ordering very soon as I love this product. It has certainly helped me with my hip pain and knee pain. I don't want to ever bhout it. Thank you Medistik.
Barbara Sturdy

The best ever

MAX Pro Bundle
Suzanne J.
Pain Review

Well.. let me say , I have a deteriorated spine. Terrible pain! That said. Medistik is the ONLY pain reliever that has made an amazing difference in my pain level. I sleep at night now!!!

Haven't used yet

I actually bought for my mom, who broke her ankle. She has been using ot and yells me it has helped with the pain and the swelling.

Best muscle reliever

I have had three orders of the past couple years of this amazing product. I had the “deodorant stick” version twice and this time I ordered the combo. Both are excellent for relaxing muscles and releasing tightness. Not messy, easy for travel and I always have it on hand . Have given to family members too!

I started using medistik last winter if it wasnt for medistik i wouldnt be walking today .i have tried alot of rubs and tubs of pain of pain killer but to no avail til i found medistick it has really worked wonders for me.i walk pain free now thanks to medistik im 83 years old now and havent walked like this for 10 years .Thank you Medistik …Larry

Best Ever Pain Relief

I will keep using this forever. I have Paget's Disease, Arthritis and Medistik has helped me every single day. Thank You Medistik

I’m using the solid stick

I love it, I use it every day