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The Power Trio
Richard L.
Richard L

5 stars say it all


It’s the best product I’ve ever used

Best Product for pain!

Hello MediStik team!
My name is Ryan Joy! I have been using your products since late 2022, early 2023! It has changed my life! I herniated discs inmy back, had bilateral sciatica pain and was unable to walk normally for 16weeks! I was recommended MediStik from a client and my life changed!

Since using your product, I have shared your information with multiple people where I live and other provinces! MediStik has also changed their lives and they are sharing with their friends!

I just wanted to pass along my gratitude, as I use MediStik daily, and I remain being a huge ambassador for your products!

Thanks again,
Your #1 fan!

If instantly alleviated the sharp pain!

My wife loves the Medistik products. Great for pain relief!!

Love the products! Have tried every OTC product over the years and have found Medistik far superior in every way!

Sticks Pack of 3
Madeline C.

It works much better than anything you can get in a drug store. I'm using it for sciatic pain along with exercise.

The Power Trio
Nancy G.

I am thankful that my friend Jo-ann told me about this stuff about a year ago! It works and fast! I wake up with muscle spasms in my legs and keep the stick or roll on beside my bed and it calms the spasms down fast! Love this stuff, helps me with back and neck pain also! My first trio package lasted me almost a year. This is a must have for all my senior aches and pains! I just stocked up for gardening season!! lol

This stuff is amazing

My poor arthritic knees thank you for the instant relief with the spray and sealing everything else up with the stick for hours of relief !

Life changing

This is by far the best product i have ever used! I recommand it to everyone.

Sticks Pack of 3
Rita V.S.

Love it on my bad ankle.


Love Medistik used it for at least 5years really helps me sleep at night and do all my chores during the day

Great for arthritic knees.

Significantly relieves pain when I spray first and then use stick.

The Power Trio
Roger M.
Very very good products.

I real enjoy all three products. Different but extremely useful. Takes the soreness out. That’s all I can ask for. Excellent.

The Power Trio
Jonathan B.

Semble fonctionné pour le moment que je l'utilise. Celui en spray parait plus puissant que les autres. Mais cela dépend peut-être de la personne et du problème

Vraiment bien

Works great to alleviate my knee pain.

J’ai 90 ans et c’est le seul produit qui réussit à me soulager de ces douleurs insupportables dans mon dos. Merveilleux Medistick ! Merci ! Merci ! Merci !

Perfect for my aches

I use it before and after pickleball and pain is gone in minutes.

Best pain reliever on the market. I have bought it again.

They work very well

The Power Trio
Lorraine W.
effective pain relief

By far the best product I've ever used for pain relief. After teaching 10-14 yoga/pilates classes every week, this is exactly what I need. No more ibuprofen or acetaminophen

I really love this roll on medicine. It works so good.