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The Power Trio
Phyllis P.
Medi stick

Love all of it. I will dry definitely order more.

Best Ever

Absolutely love this stuff. I have arthritis basically throughout my body and when I use this, it really helps my pain. Doesn’t smell too strong but works strong. Don’t plan to ever be without this product.


Great product. Releaves pain quickly. It helps my husbands arthritic pain. He puts it on just before he does some work around the house.

Family Kit Bundle
Denis A.P.
Great product to share

I use Medistik since quite sometime and recently, I have recommend a colleague and a friend to buy and use it. Just the smell of it is the beginning of a nice delivrance!

The Power Stick
marlene k.
Medi+ik- instant relief of pain

I had been using for Voltaren until I remembered I had a bottle of your spray product that I had purchased years ago. I tried it and it worked imm. So I have been using it ever since. It works quickly which is what is needed to ease my pain. Only wish it was able to cure the arthritis completely.

The Power Trio

The best products I have used!!!

For me arthritic medication is not my first choice … I discovered Medi Stik at a golf tournament when signs of arthritis were beginning to surface … another player suggested I use Medi Stik for instant relief to get through my game AND it worked!… It does have a strong pleasant medicinal smell but is a small price to pay for instant relief for my arthritic pain👍

The Power Trio
Deborah F.
Effective product

Love these products. They are effective and reasonably priced. I have recommended them to a number of my fellow Pickleball players and they have all purchased from you. 👍🏻

Arthritis pain relief

I bought all three to try what the best is for me .
The roll on is the easiest to use for my back and neck. Feels very fresh. The stick I use for my knees . It helps for the pain when I walk. The spray is a bit harder to use. My hands are stiff. But all three are the best pain medication I used so far.
Thank you !

The Power Trio
Stela L.

Very helpful

Works Great

Have been using this product for awhile
Does exactly as stated and relief is good

Used spray and
Roll on so far and they have helped reduce the pain in my wife's back after a car accident.

Sticks Pack of 3
Jeannie L.

I love these! I have degenerating disc disease and these sticks are magic for me. They give almost instant relief. I use them daily

Sticks Pack of 3
Margot K.
Best pain relief

So happy I bought the 3 pack of power sticks. I can keep one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom so when I wake up at night one is right there to apply. And after my morning shower the other one is right there to use. When you are in pain you don’t want to drag yourself around the house looking for your Medistick!

Excellent product

I have been using the stick for quite a while now. I love it! I have severe arthritis and it gives me relief for my knees, hips ,lower back and shoulder. It definitely helps me sleep batter and stay mobile through the day.

It really works

I have ongoing / cronic pain due to surgery and spine, sciatic and shoulder issues and this is the only topical solution that has ever had any impact; it's especially wonderful when medication is falling short on pain control.
I've even used prescribed medicated pain creams that were not as notably effective.
I've bought medistick in bulk so I don't run out and can share with my family.
I recommend regularly to anyone who mentions body pain!

It Works!!


I keep 1 at home in the house & 1 in my shop, 1 in each vehicle and 1 in my travel bag. Easy to use and gets the results I expect.

Love medistik. Pain relief in a stick !!
Best there is and I’ve tried them all

The Power Trio
Sherry W.
The bestest ever

Works like a charm, no more pain. Thanks Medistik

Sticks Pack of 3
Caroline K.
Chronic pain relief

I had tried this product with some success (needed more aggressive intervention). Had my husband try it for chronic back and shoulder pain. He was surprised at the relief he received. Strong smell, put it on a while before you go out, not offensive.

Works well

Pain relief

I have used the Medistik products stick and roll on for a long time, Now I have added the spray product to the mix. The spray works well with the stick and reduces the pain quicker and lasts longer for me.

Medistick is awesome! I use it a lot and recommend it to all my friends.

The Power Trio
Ronald Q.
Helps with reducing ostearthritis pain

I have a condition named ostearthritis in my lower back and when I get painful bursts those products help me to get through . The stick is the one I use the most for overnight treatment. It's really working for me.