Fast and Long-Lasting Pain Management –Combine the Best of Both for Ultimate Pain Prevention, Relief and Healing

MEDISTIK’s pain management products are designed to include high levels of active ingredients, as well as anti-inflammatories to prevent, relieve and heal pain, while most topical pain relievers only mask the pain for temporary relief.

Our Extra Strength formula is available in both an Extra-Strength Stick and a Fast-Acting Spray format.

Many people have asked what the difference is between the two, but few realize that when the two are combined, you get a complete pain management system for ultimate performance.

First, let’s explain the difference between the two products:

1) Extra-Strength Stick:

Our Extra-Strength Long-Lasting Stick comes in a solid paste like format that when applied, creates a barrier that protects the area, while locking the in the ingredients to enable long-term prevention, relief and healing. Because of its format, we were able to pack in 46% active ingredients, making the Extra-Strength Stick the strongest non-prescription analgesic in Canada.

2) Fast-Acting Spray:

Our Fast-Acting Spray comes in a liquid format that is able to penetrate the skin in seconds providing intense instant relief from acute or chronic muscle or joint pain. With the same active ingredients as our Extra-Strength Stick, you will still get powerful pain prevention, relief and healing. However, because it’s in a liquid format, we are able to pack 22% active ingredients for powerful pain management, but because it’s in a liquid it will evaporate faster than the stick.


A High-Performance Combination – The Ultimate Pain Management Solution

What many customers don’t know is that the Extra-Strength Stick and Fast-Acting Spray were created as an integrated pain management system for high performance pain relief and healing. Whether you are running a marathon, on the course, field, rink or court, athletes that use MEDISTIK require both immediate and long-term relief and healing during or following an activity.

By layering the Fast-Acting Spray with the Extra-Strength Stick you will get both fast and long-lasting pain management so that you can perform at your best and benefit from more effective recovery from muscle and joint strain or injuries.

Benefiting from our systematic approach to managing pain is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Get immediate relief by spraying the Fast Acting Spray on your strained or injured muscles and joints;
  2. Let it dry into your skin (approximately 30-45 seconds);
  3. Then lock it in for long-lasting relief and healing by applying our Extra Strength Stick over top and you are good to go, whether its continuing to play, recovering or getting on with your day.

     MEDISTIK pain relief fast acting long lasting acute and chronic pain muscle inflammation arthritis

    Our MEDISTIK Extra Strength high-performance pain relief system is your best solution for both immediate and long lasting prevention, relief and healing of severe acute and chronic muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and arthritis.


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    You can learn more about how MEDISTIK products target and attack the site of pain directly here: Science Behind MEDISTIK.

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