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Michael Fletcher

Former Professional Football Player 

I play tough and get banged up pretty hard. I use MEDISTIK before games to warm up, keep loose and stay fluid. After every practice and game, I use it to get rid of pain and recover faster from injuries. 

I’ve tried many other products, but nothing even comes close to how effective and convenient MEDISTIK is."



"I LOVE your product. I am a professional firefighter and play hockey 4-5 times per week.

I ended up with severe tennis elbow from too much hockey and the physical demands of my job.

I couldn’t lift a coffee cup. I was doing physio at the time and was slowly getting better. Once I began using MEDISTIK my recovery drastically sped up. Amazing!! I can’t thank you enough."



 "I applied the product when I got home from CrossFit last night on my lower back.... HANDS DOWN this is by far, the best product I have every used! The instant warmth and pain relief was amazing. My husband also applied it to his shoulder area BEFORE he went to the gym and was quite impressed at how effective it was. You have two repeat customers and two cheerleaders for such a remarkable product!"