Supporting the Canadian Armed Forces at the Canada Army Run

As a Canadian founded company, MEDISTIK proudly supports the Canadian Armed Forces - the Air Force, Amy, and Navy - who serve our country with unwavering strength and commitment. 

This past weekend, we were at the Canada Army Run in Ottawa joining in the spirit of camaraderie and community where troops extend their thanks to Canadians for their support and Canadians say thanks to the men and women who serve at home and abroad. This truly military event included a cannon as the starter pistol and dog-tag medals soldiers handed out to participants at the finish line.

Canada Army Run

To support those participating across the various events, MEDISTIK had the strongest non-prescription topical pain reliever available to help participants prevent, relieve, and heal pain as they ran through our beautiful capital city. 

You can learn more about how MEDISTIK targets and attacks pain directly and what type of pain here.

MEDISTIK at the Canada Army Run

MEDISTIK at the Canada Army Run

In support of our partnership with the Canada Army Run, each purchase of a product included a donation to Soldier On, a charity that supports veterans and serving members to adapt and overcome permanent physical or mental health injury or illness through physical activity and sport. 

We were inspired by the strength of all the participants as they shared their stories and experience training and participating in the events. 

MEDISTIK Canada Army Run

Help make a difference by donating to Soldier On to empower veterans and serving members to adapt and re-integrate with local, community-based activities, and remain active for life.

Learn more about Soldier On:  

We look forward to supporting the troops beyond this event.

MEDISTIK Canada Army Run

MEDISTIK at the Canada Army Run   MEDISTIK at the Canada Army Run